The showroom Joossens dedicates a week to the bathroom design. Featuring: Tailormade Stocco.


From May 23 to 27 Joossens, specialized dealer of bathroom furniture, with a large, brand new showroom in Sint-Niklaas in Belgium, organized a series of events with the designers.

Eklò - “Infinite reflections of water, sky and world”


Eklò is the versatile washbasin available in a small, medium and large-sized version to be dressed with different materials according to the walls.

Tao - “Bathrooms today, tomorrow and in the future”


A system with a forward-looking approach, that can generate modern solutions in line with new trends.

Modula - “A system which can be modulated to the needs of whomever chooses it. An object to design and with which to design”


Modula is a flexible tool in the hands of professional interior designers.

“Iks is a system of washbasin units designed to be dressed in different ways”


There are various designs, featuring two variants: Iks Up, Iks Full.

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